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Celebrating The 30th Anniversary Of The Game Boy On Easter Sunday

Nintendo Everything brought a lovely reminder of gaming history to our attention today; The Game Boy first launched in Japan on April 21, 1989. That means the system is celebrating a big birthday today on this lovely Easter sunday here in the UK. Happy 30th anniversary!

While modern gamers may think of systems like the DS, 2DS, 3DS, and the all so popular Switch, the Game Boy started it all with playing on the go.

After its release in Japan, the North American launch took place on July 31, 1989. Europe would later get the system on September 28.

Whether you remember the release of the Game Boy or not, you may have played on one of these handheld consoles before and although we have advanced in technology a massive amount since this Gem had its debut, it is still a great console which was platform to the world famous Tetris and Pokemon games.

The handheld line would later spawn the Game Boy Color (Which we now put at a whopping 20 years old) , Game Boy Advance of which it’s Japanese release took place on March 21, 2001 and In North America and Europe, the system arrived in June of that year. Furthermore The SP, and Game Boy Micro before it was eventually retired.

Game Boy Facts You Wouldn’t Think True!

  1. Game Boy sold an external camera and printer for their handheld, the camera took low res images of the user and in turn, Game Boy may actually be responsible for the world of the selfie.
  2. Nintendo announced, in 1995, that 46% of Game Boy’s gamers were female, the first time a console was so popular with women. A 2014 study found 52% of gamers are female.
  3. The first game boy could run for 30 hours on two AA batteries, this was due to the screen having only 4 shades of grey and having no backlight.

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