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How To Keep Your Console Cool Like A Pro – Prevent OverHeating!

Ever experienced your games console overheating and thinking to yourself “Why did my console have to cut out right in the middle of a game?”. Well We have, and it isn’t funny, you try turning your console on again and of course it’s still overheating so you have no luck with that and end up having to let the console cool down before returning to your game.

Preventing your console from Overheating all starts with a focus on keeping your console cool. Luckily the latest gen consoles are built to withstand some warmth however they will still cutout if you do not follow the following steps.

1. Make Sure To Allow Air Flow Around The Console

Sitting your console in a tight compact tv stand compartment which is roughly the same size as the console is a bad idea. You may have noticed there are vents on your consoles and depending on your make and model, they can be are on the bottom, sides or on the top surfaces. These vents allow new air to be pulled in and used air to be blown out. The fan inside the console needs constant new air in order to keep the motherboard cool which is why having no space around the console will soon become a bad idea as the console will not have any new air surrounding so will end up overheating and turning off. A rule of thumb would be to allow 3 inches of space from all sides of the console to allow it to breath.

2. Moderate Cleaning

Consoles tend to collect large amounts of dust and this can be a problem when the dust gets inside the console preventing the fan from pulling in new air. The easiest way to keep on top of this is to dust or wipe the console regularly instead of letting it get out of hand. Once you let your console get out of hand, this will prove more tricky to rectify as the console will need to be taken apart which we do not recommend as this could void your warranty with the retailer you purchased from.

3. Console Fans

The use of a console fan is not mandatory and is completely optional. You may choose to use these gadgets depending on your console and positioning. Fans can help circulation of fresh air around the console and could prove useful if you have a console which originally has a poor fan and cooling system. You can find an example of a console cooling fan being sold on amazon HERE

4. Give Your Console A Break!

Although for some of you gaming may be your life, but if you are still experiencing overheating issues even after following the two previous steps, then why not have a look at how long you play per session. As a rule of thumb i would stick to no more than 2 hours per day but hey, who are we to tell you how long to play your games. To find out what is a healthy time to spend gaming, read this article from healthyplace



Follow the above steps to ensure you are doing all you can to prevent your console from overheating. In some cases your console may actually have a fault itself and in which case you should contact the manufacturer (If still in warranty) or contact the retailer you purchased from (If still in their warranty) to have it repaired.

Keep space around the console, Dust and wipe it regularly, Monitor how long you actually play on your console and maybe give it a break from time to time.

What methods of overheat preventing have you had success with? Let Us And Everyone Else Know…