FAST&FREE Post & Packing Guide With Simple Steps To Getting Paid

1. Your FREE Label has been posted…..

Our FREE post label is on its way to you and should be with you in the next couple of days (Usually within 2 working days)

2. Packaging Your Parcel…..

Once you receive our FREE label, Find a Sturdy Box and fold it into a box shape sealing the bottom with parcel tape (if the bottom is not already sealed). Wrap your items in bubble wrap or packaging paper and place them into the box. Ensure that you fill the box with materials like bubble wrap and packaging paper to fill any void gaps and to secure the items (As we dont want them moving around and getting damaged).

Materials you’ll need…

These materials can be picked up at a local supermarket and cost very little:

1. Parcel Tape 2. Bubble Wrap And/Or Packing Paper

3. Getting your package ready for posting….

Once your items are securely wrapped and the box is filled with material, Use a strong parcel tape (25mm sellotape not recommended) to seal all of the edges and lips on the box (and be sure to wrap a couple of times over to ensure to box is secure and strong). Stick our FREE post sticky label onto the top face of the box.

4. Sending the parcel off & Getting paid…..

Take your parcel to your local post office so they can receive it and start the process of sending your items to us.

Once we receive your items (Normally within 2 working days) and once we have checked over the items to make sure they are all there and in the condition you stated, we will send the full payment via your chosen method the same day (normally payments are received by you instantly but can take upto a couple of working days to process depending on your bank etc).