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What’s The Best Games Console To Enjoy In The Warm Weather?

As the weather starts to warm up as we come into the holiday season in the UK, you may ask yourself “Is that the end of my gaming until winter comes back around?”. This article will hopefully show you that you can still enjoy gaming whilst enjoying the warm weather (and notice how i said warm and not hot as the UK weather is so unpredictable). Weather you play Home Consoles like the Ps3,Ps4 and Xbox or handhelds like the PSP, Vita or Switch, this will hopefully help you make a clear decision for the holiday season.

Home Consoles Vs Handheld Consoles

Home Consoles –

Home consoles are by far the most popular consoles all year long and for good reason too! They have the best graphics/screen resolution, the most storage and the speed to handle all that you need. Home Consoles include: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Nintendo Wii etc. As we come into the warm weather it’s all about being active. Luckily all of the platforms mentioned have motion sensing active play so you do not have to sit down while playing. The originator of this technology is the Nintendo Wii which is Motion operating console with all game titles making use of this. After the success of the Wii, the other platforms decided to implement similar technology. Xbox having the Kinect Features and Playstation having Move and PSVR features. Xbox Kinect does not use controllers and is controller purely by movement, titles include: Just Dance, Kinect Sports & more. Playstation Move uses a Move Wand and Camera, this is the same for the Ps3 and Ps4, for the titles list CLICK HERE.

What Is PSVR?…. Playstation Virtual-Reality

PSVR is Sony’s virtual-reality head-mounted display (HMD), which requires the PlayStation 4. Like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive HMDs, it features a stereoscopic 3D display with optics that allow you to place the screen directly in front of your eyes. Coupled with head-tracking, it simulates depth and positional awareness within a virtual environment.

In this article we will focus more on the other platforms and will leave PSVR for a whole other article by itself.


The Nintendo Wii uses a remote and nunchuck with a sensor bar which is situated above or below your TV. The Wii has tons of titles which you can find HERE.

Home Consoles Winner

Our winner of the home consoles for the warm weather is the Nintendo Wii with it’s huge range of  game titles due to it being a solely dedicated motion active console. This console is great for adults, kids and just about everyone, most games are multiplayer so the whole family can enjoy playing together. These consoles are very cheap to buy as the console is now approaching 13 years old. If you are lucky enough to have a 50-Inch Tv situated in your garden under a gazebo, this would be a great opportunity for friends and family to come over and enjoy some fun with you on the Wii whilst enjoying the warm weather.


Handheld Consoles –

Handheld Consoles are becoming more and more popular as time goes on and for good reason too. These consoles now play game titles that you can find on home consoles and some even connect to the home console (something you could never have done with a Game Boy Advance). The Game Video Quality on these consoles is becoming increasingly more clear and less pixelated along with battery life getting longer and longer. Handheld Consoles are exactly that: Handheld, which means they can be taken anywhere while playing. The latest handheld consoles include: PSP, Ps Vita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo DS and 3DS and handheld consoles which play a massive range of game titles. The consoles use a stylus and are touchscreen. The difference between the two is the the 3DS has a touch screen below and a 3D display upper screen. Titles include Mario Kart and lots of other famous nintendo games.

The latest of all the handhelds is the Nintendo Switch which also has the ability to be displayed onto your Television as well. This console truly is amazing and can be enjoyed by kids and adults too. The Switch features two joy controllers which attach and detach from the handheld screen, the handheld is also touch screen.

PSP or Playstation portable was the first Playstation handheld console and was absolutely great for its day. The PSP had a huge range of titles and would now suit being a first console for a child as they are very cheap in the second hand market.

The modern replacement of the PSP is the Playstation Vita which is basically a Ps4 in your pocket (well not quite, but still great). The playstation vita does have lots of game titles and has very good Game Play Video Quality, great battery life and the ability to connect with your Playstation 3 and Ps4.

Handheld Consoles Winner

Our winner for the handheld consoles is the Playstation Vita. Its was a close one between the Nintendo Switch, 3DS and the Vita and what called the winner for us was the fact that you can have call of duty in your pocket wherever you are. Yes the Switch and 3DS have the mario kart and various other titles you cannot get on Playstation however being able to play first person shooter online multiplayer while sat at the park on a hot day just cannot be beaten (biased of course). The console does have an internet browser so you can use it for multimedia as well such as youtube etc.


Which Console Is Best Overall For Good Weather?

Our Winner = Playstation Vita

Yes you can have lots of fun with home consoles using there motion features and functions, however it the great weather, i prefer to be outdoors as much as i can and if you really do not want to part with gaming until the winter, then is suggest you grab yourself a handheld console.

For Young Children you may opt for Nintendo DS or PSP which would be a great starter console however if your more advanced in your gaming, you may want to opt for a 3DS, Switch or Ps Vita.

At the end of the day it is your choice which console you play during holiday season as there are lots of deciding factors to take into account. But in general you are going to want to opt for a handheld console as this will allow you to stay outdoors and even take your games away on holiday with you so you never go without.

We think Playstation Vita, What do you think?



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