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Xbox One with no discs: ‘Useless’ or ‘Useful’?

As stated from a Newsbeat Reporter: Microsoft has announced a version of the Xbox One aimed at “digital natives” (basically, it doesn’t use discs).

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is identical – inside and out – to the current Xbox One S console except for a lack of a drive.

Due out on 7 May, the makers want the £199 device to appeal to people who have “grown up without the discs”.

So as CDs start becoming a thing of the past and DVD collections gather dust, are gamers ready to let go of discs?

I Think not, Disc-less consoles may be more appealing to a generation of everything being instantaneous, not having to que up outside a supermarket at 12am for a game to release, no longer having a game disc being scratched and no longer being able to use it.

However if we were to let the new generation know that by purchasing all of their games on the microsoft store or PS Store, they will not be able to get any resale value for them.

Let’s test the theory..

If you were to purchase 5 new games let’s say for example the games were £28 each, that’s a total of £140. Then after 3 months you wish to replace these with the some newer games; with physical disc games you could potentially fetch at least 50% of the cost back by reselling them which would leave you with £70 to spend on your new games.

On the flip side if you had purchased all 5 games digitally, you would not be able to resell the games as they are tied to your gamer account on whichever platform you use. This would leave them old games to waste while you fork out to buy new ones.

The only way you could get resale value from digital games is to sell your account when selling your console but this has proved to not be worth it. Most people who stop using a gaming platform normally go back to it in the future so it would be worthwhile to keep your private gaming account with the platform for future use. People also do not value digital games much and therefore you may not even make anymore money from selling your account with the console. You would be better off getting rid of the console and keeping your gamer account ID.

To Conclude..

Yes digital games are instantaneous, meaning there is no need to go out and physically purchase a game from a store and there is no risk of disc drive failure, however this could end up costing you in the long run if you are going to be buying more games in the future which everyone inevitably does at some point.

Our 2 cents – Stick to physical games until the sale of second hand digital games has its place in the market.

What’s Your 2 Cents?


For those of you who will be replacing your Old Console with the new discless Xbox One.

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